Netkiller Barcode Scanner is Now Supported on the iPhone!

Netkiller Barcode Scanner App
Netkiller Barcode Scanner App

The Netkiller Barcode Scanner application is an example of Netkiller’s Pure Google Apps Solutions.  The application is developed entirely on the cloud, so no added software is necessary; all that’s needed is a either a USB scanner or a smartphone.  Previously only supported on the Android, this convenient cost-saving application can now be used with an iPhone.

How does the app work?
The Netkiller Barcode Scanner utilizes a Google Docs based database, which logs and updates information about stock, inventory, or other items automatically when a barcode is scanned from a mobile device.  The database is customizable at set up, so it can accommodate any number of item management needs, from sales to acquisitions, and much more.

The first time an item is scanned the scanner will be prompted to input relevant details, such as the item’s designation (name) and status (e.g. ‘In Stock’).  Subsequent scans of the same item will prompt the scanner to update the item’s information (e.g. status ‘Check Out’).  All of these inputs and changes are logged instantly into the online database.

Simply install the Netkiller Barcode Scanner into Google Apps, and the application benefits from the same service level agreement as Google Apps (99.9% uptime guarantee if you are using Google Apps for Business).  This Pure Google Apps Solution provides cloud based barcode scanning functions that eliminate the need for hand written and manual filing.  With a built-in Google Docs database, there is no need for bulky data storage.  In addition, the Google Spreadsheet database can be easily edited and shared with partners and clients.  The Netkiller Barcode Scanner is customizable and easy to use.  The system is expandable to Point-of-Sale and Inventory systems, and can be integrated with Salesforce and accounts.

The system requirements for this web application are minimal.  All that is required is an Internet browser (e.g. Google Chrome, etc.), Google Apps (Business, Education, or free version), and a USB Barcode Scanner or either an Android or iPhone.

The Netkiller Barcode Scanner application can be downloaded for free for up to 100 items for small inventory needs, or as a trial.  For use with over 100 items the Netkiller Barcode Scanner can be custom developed for a one-time payment contingent on development needs.

About Netkiller
Netkiller is an Information Technology integration firm based in San Jose, Seoul, and Tokyo. The name originated from the ‘Network Trouble Killers’ community (over 25,000 members), which has been active since 1997 and was incorporated in 2004. Netkiller has almost a 10 year history of innovation in IT and Cloud Computing.

Netkiller has core competencies in several key industry sectors: Google Enterprise Solutions (Google Apps, Google Earth&Maps, Google Postini, Google Search Appliance Sales Cloud Solution), CRM Service Cloud Solution, IT Asset Management and IT Service Management Service. Netkiller is a Google Enterprise Business Partner, Partner (Consulting / ISV / and Google Apps Authorized Reseller. Netkiller currently services over 20,000 company accounts worldwide including banks, research institutions, government agencies, universities and multinational corporations.