Limited-time G Suite Upgrade Promotion Offer with 6 Months Free

If you have considered Google Apps Unlimited for your business now is the time to upgrade! Google Apps Unlimited has been renamed to G Suite Business. The new name comes with new features, unlimited storage for your whole team, and a limited-time promotion lasting until December 15, 2016. G Suite Business includes all the tools offered in G Suite plus Google’s most advanced security features, including email retention, enhanced admin controls, and account-wide search capabilities, all added to increase security. G Suite includes a set of intelligent apps such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar to keep companies organized and connected anywhere around the world. Upgrade to G Suite Business to make the most of technology that will bring your team together. For details about G Suite Business versus the standard version of G Suite, check G Suite editions feature comparison.
Six Months Free!!
G Suite accounts with 10 to 99 seats can now upgrade to G Suite Business and receive 18 months for the price of 12 months. The offer ends on December 15, 2016, so take advantage of 6 free month before the offer end! The plan will be discounted on a monthly basis when upgrading to G Suite Business. With this offer, upgrading to G Suite is $120 per user for 18 months instead of for 12 months. Users are not locked in, after 18 months users have the choice to return to G Suite Basic or continue with G Suite Business.
Click here for a presentation on how G Suite can be tailored for your company needs.
Benefits of Purchasing G Suite with Netkiller

There are many benefits to purchasing G Suite through a reseller including dedicated deployment support, training, and consultation beyond G Suite for your business. Find out more reasons why purchasing through Netkiller adds value to your purchase for the same price here: Top 6 Reasons to buy G Suite through Netkiller

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