Introduction of Killer ID SSO (Single Sign-On) 2-Step Verification Feature

With the increase in the number of users of Google Apps, there is an urgent need for Single Sign-On security. Therefore, Netkiller has developed “Killer ID” for your protection and convenience.

Users who were concerned with using Killer ID because of concerns that it did not have Google’s Two-Step verification feature need worry no more:  Killer ID now has it’s own two-step verification feature.

– Killer ID’s 2-Step Verification Procedure –

Step 1.
An administrator can activate/deactivate the two-step verification feature at the user level or on an organizational level.

The administrator can reset the two-step Verification code for each user.

Step 2.
To use Killer ID’s 2-Step verification, install Google’s OTP application on your smartphone.

Step 3.
Activated users will see a QR code when logging into Killer ID the first time. By scanning the QR code, the Killer ID code (6 digits) is added to the Google Authenticator.

Step 4.
Enter the 6 digit code on the OTP application and login.

* Backup codes that can be used when you don’t have access to your phone.  SMS OTP will also be available very soon.

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