Five Must Have Tools for Google Apps Users

Google Apps offers a cloud-based office suite that includes tools for better collaboration and communication. Whether you are a small business that recently switched to Google Apps or a large organization that wants to get the most of the cloud solution, there are many plugins that can leverage your Google Apps experience.

Google Apps Backup

Google’s data center is one of the most secure environments in the world, but they can’t protect your data from human error. If you accidentally delete a file or record, it may be lost forever since Google is obligated to carry out your requests and can’t tell if the request was accidental or malicious. It is your responsibility to minimize the risk of user-driven data loss.

[Spanning: Backup for Google Apps]

Spanning ensures your organization’s Google Apps data is protected from costly, and sometimes catastrophic, data loss by allowing you to get data back exactly the way it was in just a few clicks. Spanning Backup for Google Apps is the top-rated backup and recovery solution on the Google Apps Marketplace. It provides automatic, daily backup and recovery for Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Contacts and Sites and, it comes with the industry’s only 100% Restore Guarantee.

Google Apps Training

If you recently switched to Google Apps or new staff has joined, training is always required for an efficient use of Google Apps. Boost eLearning’s Google Apps Training helps your employees develop the skills needed to communicate, collaborate and create additional value with Google Apps. It provides video tutorials for various Google Apps services in 11 different languages, including Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin Simplified), Chinese (Mandarin Traditional), English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, and Spanish Latin American.

[Boost eLearning: Google Apps Training]

Document Approval
When it comes to collaboration with Google Docs in your Google drive, obtaining approval from a group of people for a project, a proposal, a contract, or some other important document can be a very difficult and frustrating experience. Also, it would be hard to record their approval if you send people an e-mail or you share documents with a request to provide responses.

Collavate, a collaborative document workflow suite for Google Drive can help you avoid these hassles. With Collavate, you can design approval processes in parallel or sequential order. Simply add team member’s email addresses, and save lists of reviewers for frequently used processes.  

Collavate is available on the Google Apps Marketplace, as well as an Add-on for Google Docs and Google Sheets.

[Collavate: Document Workflow Suite]

[Collavate Add-ons for Google Docs and Google Sheets]

Project Management

Need to handle multiple projects and coordinate teams to collaborate and manage schedules? Smartsheet is an online work and project management app that works seamlessly with Google Apps. Organize projects, track due dates, and collaborate in real-time with Smartsheet’s familiar spreadsheet interface, interactive Gantt charts, attachments, and more. Spend less time tracking people down and more time working with built-in task management features such as alerts, reminders, and status symbols.

Smartsheet makes it easy for Google users to get up and running with the option to import Google Sheets, attach files from Google Drive, and update tasks from within Gmail. The flexible nature of Smartsheet makes it an excellent tool for project management and so much more.

[SmartSheet: Project Management For Google Apps]
Invoice and Expense Management

Your accounting can also be simplified by taking advantage of cloud-based applications. FreshBooks is one of the most popular choices by small business owners because it’s incredibly easy-to-use and does not require you to learn accounting to get started. You can send invoices, track your time, capture expenses, accept credit cards, and run reports. FreshBooks is available for both iOS and for Android.

[Freshbooks: Accounting Management For Google Apps]
Your Choice

Depending on the industry that you are in, your organization’s required tools will be varied. Also, you may be required to develop in-house cloud based applications instead of buying packaged SaaS tools.  

The bottomline is, with these tools based on Google Apps, you have more options to better fulfill your IT needs.