How to install NBS on your computer

NBS Install Step-by-Step instructions
Installing NBS on your computer is easy. Just follow the instructions below. Please note that laser barcode scanner must be connected to the computer in order to run the program. In addition, because there are two common operating systems, MacOS and Windows, there are two sets of instructions. Read the set of instructions that applies to your case.
For MAC users:
1.Click on the link.
2.You should now be taken to a page as shown below: 

Download this file by clicking the downwards arrow located at the top right corner.
3. Open the zip file in Finder.
4.Open the blue NBS file (it should automatically open after you open the ZIP file)

5. If a sign like below pops up, click open.


6. Congratulations! You are done. When a sign like below shows up, just sign in to your gmail account! 

: If a sign like below pops up during your installation process, please click the question mark on the left bottom corner, and follow its instructions. The instructions will tell you to open the NBS app directly from finder. Then just refer to step 5, and you should be able to successfully download the app.

For Windows Users:
1. Click the “download” button, and wait until the program is automatically downloaded
2. After you have downloaded the file, click on the NBS-pc.exe file to install. A popup should show up to extract program files on your computer. If a warning sign appears, click ‘Yes’ to allow and install.

3. After install is complete, you can find NBS APP icon on your desktop. Click to run the program.
4. Congratulations! You are done. When an image as shown below appears, just sign in to your gmail account!