Google Apps Single Sign On (SSO), “Killer ID” Officially Launches

Netkiller, Inc.

March 16, 2015

Sunnyvale, California.  Netkiller, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of our new Google Apps Single Sign On (“SSO”) Service: “Killer ID.”  With Killer ID, companies can customize their login experience so their domain users can enjoy single sign-on convenience that allows secure access to the company’s web applications and information in a manner consistent with each company’s respective security policy.


[Netkiller SSO System: Single Sign On Screen which can be customized with company logo]

What is Killer ID SSO?

Netkiller’s Killer ID is an SSO service that allows the creation of a customized, uniform login procedure that allows individual users within a company to have access to all of the company’s web applications and information that the user is permitted to have.  This way, users have immediate access to all of their relevant applications and information with just one sign on, and they can more efficiently navigate to their desired features securely and efficiently.

Killer ID offers more than just convenience, however.  With Killer ID, the system administrator can also apply distinctive login procedures on departmental and/or individual levels thus allowing for better control of information access.


[KillerID SSO: Feature Highlights]

Benefits of Netkiller’s Killer ID

1. Implementation of Optimized Organization-Specific Information Systems

With Killer ID, different login screens can be setup on a departmental or individual level.  It is also possible to set specific security options such as allowing only certain IP addresses to use the system.  This feature allows the administrator to provide effective technology support to even unsophisticated users while maintaining strict control over information access and website access to minimize threats and increase productivity.

[IP Filtering: Administrator can designate range of IP address for access]

2. Integration with Various Additional Services

Killer ID can work flexibly with various additional services such as Collavate, a cloud based document management solution, Netkiller Enterprise Portal, VPN and more.  Such flexibility gives the system administrator many options in customizing login windows that best suit the needs of departments and/or individuals.

[You can add various Business Applications and integrate them with the login service]

3. Top class security and service stability
Killer ID operates on the Google Cloud Platform and is backed by Google’s best-in-the-world security and up-time guarantees.

4. Powerful Mobile Compatibility
Killer ID has been optimized for both PCs and for smartphones.  Through Killer ID you can access your organization’s information system anywhere and at any time.

5. Convenient Payment System
Killer ID enables the system administrator to directly set payment options for Google Apps for Work and additional services.  The system administrator can make changes to the number of active users, and manage the licenses and payment options with only a few clicks.

For a detailed user guide, please consult the following guide.

From February, 2015, Nektiller’s Killer ID SSO system supports integration with Google Apps for Work, and other servers based on the Google Cloud Platform.  We will soon support integration with other systems such as Active Directory, LDAP, and Microsoft 365.

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We thank you for your interest in Killer ID.

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