In order to live in the cloud the first step is moving there, but it’s more than a one-time transition; it’s a lifestyle change.  Netkiller provides organizations with a wide range of professional services in order to help them take command of cloud computing and all that it has to offer.  Netkiller’s services include Cloud Migration, Cloud Administration, Cloud Evolution, and Transition Management.

What is Cloud Migration?
Cloud Migration is the process of transitioning all or part of an organization’s data, applications and services from on-site premises behind the firewall onto the Google cloud, where the information can be provided over the Internet on an on-demand basis.  Netkiller’s team can move an organization onto the cloud  from virtually any on-premise system.  Netkiller can design and actualize a migration strategy that fits the unique needs and challenges of any organization.

What is Cloud Administration?
When you work on the Google cloud you’re working in the most up-to-date computing system available, because it’s always updating in real time.  With over a hundred updates in the last year, Google Apps improves exponentially faster than any on-premise system, so you’re always at the cutting edge of productivity and progress.  One of the great advantages of a system that improves in real time is that each change is small enough that your organization can adjust and move forward gradually with Google Apps, rather than having to learn an entirely new version of a system every few years.  Netkiller’s Cloud Administration specialists help to ensure that your organization can take advantage of each new feature as soon as it’s available, keeping you current with the latest technology.

What is Cloud Evolution?
The Netkiller team includes Google-trained engineers who are adept software specialists and developers with years of experience working on the Google stack.  In addition to helping organizations “go Google” by moving into the Google cloud, Netkiller specialists also build custom applications on the Google App Engine that provide additional management and support tools to organizations.  These custom-built applications ensure flexibility, while benefiting from the security and power of Google.

What is Transition Management?
Netkiller’s trained Transition Management specialists work tirelessly to prepare your organization for cloud migration, working closely with you to ensure a smooth transition with a minimum of hang-ups and service interruptions.  With Netkiller’s Transition Management services your organization is ensured the best support through your move into the cloud, quickly moving your staff toward proficiency with Google Apps, allowing for maximum productivity.


Millions of businesses are moving to Google Apps for its low cost, high flexibility, rich features, and functionality. Choosing between Netkiller Standard Service and Netkiller A to Z Fast Track is simply a matter of your organization’s needs.  The Standard Service package is our most basic migration service for organizations that want to do more of their own setup and structuring.  The A to Z Fast Track Service is designed for an organization that is looking for a more extensive guided process with some added perks to further develop their organization on the cloud.

The chart below outlines some of the most significant differences between our service packages. Contact a Netkiller sales representative for additional information.

A to Z Fast Track
Guide to data migration
(Email, Calendar, Contacts, Docs)
v v
Migration Specialist assigned v v
Complete Migration (End user and server side) v
Google Apps Transition Management Guidance v
Post migration support v
Netkiller Shared Contacts App v

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