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Netkiller ISMS is a complete Google Drive solution that offers unlimited Google Docs revision, data loss prevention and real-time Google Drive activity for your entire domain!. Netkiller ISMS is the perfect way to protect your sensitive data by preventing users from sending PII, SSN and credit card info with regular expressions and pre-built rules. The engine also monitors all the files in Google Drive including Google Forms, and records unlimited number of drive revision activities.

Our data loss prevention software was designed to help you get the most out of your Google Drive services so you can protect sensitive data and run your business more efficiently. Netkiller ISMS offers unlimited Google Docs revision, real-time activity, and data loss prevention for your entire site.

If you are ready to partner with a Google Premier Partner to enhance the security of your Google Drive, give us a call today to get started.


An All-In-One Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Solution

Our Google Drive management software offers a wide range of features designed to help to secure and manage extensive data. Learn more about what this exceptional GCP solution provides.

Google Workspace Integration

Our platform connects with your Google Drive and Google Workspace files, offering superior security and backup services to ensure that none of your data is lost or compromised.  

Location Monitoring​

Our location monitoring services track the location of your most sensitive files. This allows us to monitor any security threats and ensure that none of your documents leaves your drive without your knowledge. 

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document lock

Custom Expression & Keywords​

Locate your most important files with ease when you take advantage of our Google Natural language Program (NLP) API and keyword search function. 


Our Google DLP platform was created to enhance the function of both Google’s free and subscription-based services. It allows you to upgrade to a more robust monitoring system and keyword search function, boosting productivity. Explore just some of the benefits we offer.

G Suite Integration
& Reporting

Global File Activity
Reports & Audits

Keyword & Data
Type Detection

Custom Data
Policy Creation

Upgrade Your Google DLP and Management Software Today

If you are ready to accelerate the function of your Google Drive and Google Workspace solutions, contact the team at Netkiller for a free demo and pricing information. Our expert support and sales team are here to answer any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Netkiller ISMS is a data leakage prevention platform that allows you to check the revisions and sharing status of all files in Google Drive, and enables real-time audit monitoring of sensitive keywords or regular expressions defined by your company.

Step 1: See How It Works

Give us a call today to request a demo so we can show you all the amazing features this platform has to offer.

Step 2: Get the Team On Board

We’ll help you get your team comfortable with this new technology so they can locate, manage, and present pertinent data faster than ever before.

Step 3: Track Your Files With Confidence

When you know where your files are going and who is accessing them, your data will be more secure and accessible than ever. Contact us today to upgrade your file management strategy.

In a data-driven world where a lot of information is stored digitally today, data loss incidents are growing exponentially as sensitive information is stored on computers or in the cloud. As a result, loss of sensitive data or confidential information, regardless of company size or industry, can lead to corporate external image, financial loss, and even civil and criminal liability. Accordingly, the internal information leakage prevention solution is recognized as the minimum safety measure to protect the company’s important digital assets.

When you choose the team at Netkiller, you are working with a Google Premier Partner with extensive experience in Google Drive, Google Workspaces, and G-Suite. We are committed to bringing innovative new productivity and security solutions to the most popular business platforms to ensure that your business keeps moving forward.

Netkiller ISMS works with Google Workspace(G Suite Basic, Business) as well as Enterprise Plan. If you do not have a Google Workspace(G Suite), we can set it up together.

Google Workspace(G Suite) ISMS is only available in Google Workspace(G Suite) Enterprise edition. Netkiller ISMS can be implemented in Google Workspace(G Suite Basic and Business), without having to upgrade entire accounts to Enterprise plan. Netkiller ISMS scans all of google drive files, including google forms, files shared from the outside of the domain, and it can retain unlimited versions of files. For more details, please contact our sales team.

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