Why G Suite is a Good Fit for StartUps

Over 100 million companies start up worldwide  every year. According to Forbes magazine, nine out of ten startup companies will fail.  It is imperative to know what sets the winners and losers apart in order to help business owners stack the odds in their favor.  It’s a proven fact that by implementing cost-effective, reliable but scalable IT infrastructure is a key to success on businesses and  such programs as Google based G Suite, startups are much more likely to succeed.

“Startups are up against some fierce competition these days,” stated a G Suite partner spokesperson from Netkiller.  “The initial decisions startup business owners make will set them up to succeed…or fail.  G Suite is one of the best programs for startups for a number of reasons. It is also important to work with an expert in G Suite, such as Netkiller, in order to fully take advantage of what all the program has to offer.”

Over 3 million companies worldwide have chosen G Suite as their mode of conducting business. Even still, many of the companies do not realize all that G Suite application has to offer that can increase the likelihood their business will succeed.

G Suite specializes in connecting people within a company regardless of their location.  The cloud driven apps include Drive, Docs, Gmail and Calendar.  It excels in collaboration options.

Because so many users are already familiar with Google Docs and Gmail, G Suite is a natural choice for to use for a startup.  It offers modern features with a comfortable feel for real-time collaboration and messaging communication.  Another plus to using G Suite for a startup is that it is constantly evolving, embracing technological change which is a must for success.

Being cloud based is another advantage to going Google and selecting G Suite.  In addition, G Suite works well with the trend towards doing virtual business.  And, startups that select G Suite can focus their efforts on more important things than maintaining in-house servers for their email and other hassles as well.   

Google is known for being reliable and trustworthy.
 With over 700 worldwide security professionals, it also has a good reputation for being secure.  Those factors are very important to startup companies.

Google is trending toward the recommendation that G Suite be purchased through partners and resellers.  Doing so not only offers workplace integration at a discounted fee but also adds value to the organization because of the many perks that come along with working through a partner
such as personalized support, app solutions and special training  for your business, and additional benefits for what the consumer pays.

Netkiller is a preferred
partner of G Suite in the bay area.  It was established in 2006.  With over ten years as an expert in their field, they are able to assist startups in setting up the all-in-one communication suite, storage and collaboration application.  To find out more, visit the Netkiller website.