Netkiller Welcomes New Employees with a Two-week Orientation Program in Silicon Valley

In a fierce competition for seeking global talents, Netkiller offers Silicon Valley Orientation Program at Netkiller Palo Alto Innovation Studio.

Netkiller is offering Silicon Valley Orientation Program at Netkiller Palo Alto Innovation Studio to win the talent war. The two-week-long orientation program aims to inspire new hires with the Silicon Valley spirit and develop competencies to drive innovation.

The program begins on June 1st, 2022. New Employees stay in the heart of Silicon Valley near the Netkiller US Research Center, participate in professional events and explore tech attractions like Google and Apple campuses.

“We are building a strong employer brand to attract top talent,” said Justin Jung, the CEO of Netkiller. “We will invest aggressively in employee experiences like workshops and skill-building programs for our future workforce.”

In March 2022, Netkiller held the Back to Normal Workshop in Hawaii to reshape the post-COVID work environment. 30% of the global employees from the US, South Korea and Japan gathered in Waikiki, Hawaii to break their daily routines for two weeks. 

Justin claims that the change of scenery boosted employee creativity and produced a more positive and pleasant service for customers.

“Creating a positive employee experience is key to innovation,” Justin added. “We try our best to encourage employees to expand their horizons.” 

By designing unique employee experiences, he hopes to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive in the company and attract ambitious individuals searching for new challenges.

Netkiller Palo Alto Innovation Studio is open for all global employees providing opportunities to attend seminars and conferences at the world’s leading universities such as Stanford University.

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