Netkiller Raises Awareness for Google Apps in Northern California

Netkiller America, Inc. has begun focusing our Google Apps resale efforts more closely on Northern California with the goal of increasing the quality and scope of our engagement with Google Apps customers and clients in the Northern California region. Netkiller is working to leverage our relationship with the local Google SB Sales Team in deploying and supporting Google products. Netkiller American, Inc. has been an Authorized Reseller of Google Apps for Business in Northern California since the company’s US founding in 2007. With increased communication with the local Google SB Sales Team we will continue to strive for excellence in deployment and support for Google products.

Netkiller provides customers with an experience uniquely tailored to their needs. The customer’s individual goals and business practices are carefully worked into an efficient plan to move the customer on to the cloud with the best possible practices. As we collaborate more closely with Google sales representatives, Netkiller America, Inc. will continue to serve customers based on their unique needs and provide the quality custom deployment and support that they have come to expect.

When a company works with Netkiller to move onto the cloud using Google Apps, each account always receives the same great service and support from Google, including all the perks of technical training, guides, online forums, and instructional videos, just as if they were buying Google Apps for Business directly from Google. Working with Netkiller provides additional quality services, even though the cost of Google Apps for Business remains the same. With Netkiller, companies can take advantage of multiple deployment packages, video conferencing and local on-site deployment, specialized support packages, and additional services such as custom application development.

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