Netkiller ISMS 4 release with powerful features including Google Drive Scanning

Quick Launch summary

We’re introducing ‘full scan’, a powerful auditing feature for stronger data security. This update allows Netkiller ISMS administrators to check the status of Google Drive file sharing for all domain users to prevent possible data leaks. We are now supporting text recognition in the image and HWP files, so it is possible to detect sensitive information in image and HWP files.

What’s Changing

Auditing your Google Drive (Full Scan)

Administrators can now scan all Google Drive files for your entire domain and inspect the file sharing status.

Text recognition of images file now available

With our latest update, Netkiller ISMS 4, we added OCR(Optical Character Recognition) function to extend our functionality. With this, custom policy can now be also applied on image files based on the extracted texts from images. Before, it was only available to detect custom keyword/regex on text based documents(e.g. Google documents, MS office documents, etc.), but images with keyword/regex in the user policy can be detected.

Netkiller ISMS OCR supports computer typefaces only and shows 60 to 90% recognition rates on average. Actual recognition results can depend on the size and condition of the target image. Please avoid following complications in the image documents to improve accuracy of OCR engine.

  • Complex background
  • Uneven lighting condition
  • Focus Loss
  • Incorrect Orientation
  • Noise
  • Show through of ink
  • Annotation
  • Yellowed Paper

Text recognition of HWP files now available

Policies can now also be applied on Hancom word processor files(HWP). Currently, Google doesn’t support previewing HWP files. Now, Netkiller ISMS can detect HWP files with keyword/regex.

Testing your keyword/regex

Netkiller ISMS users can now test their detection rules(keyword/regex) before adding. While testing your keyword/regex, expressions which can be detected will show as ‘Match’ and cannot be detected will show as ‘No Match’.