[NBS Update] Stock Inventory Control

When it comes to warehouse management, Check In and Out is an essential tool for keeping track of large numbers of a single product.  In order to get the optimal benefits of using such a program, however, it is imperative that to be able to manage it in a convenient, time effective manner.  Now…you can.
With the powerful function with Stock Check In and Out form field, checking stock quantity is now a breeze.  It can be done with a single scan which will instantly reveal the current stock and update In/Out quantity.
Inventory management through NBS is a cinch too. You’ll find the accurate quantity amount in the existing Number Count Form Field because the barcode scan will always reflect the total number of digits.  
All you’ll need to do is scan the barcode at the time of your arrive and enter the quantity that will be received or that will be shipped out.  The stock quantity will immediately reflect the correct total.
In order to use this function, simply go to the form editing screen and add a ‘Stock’ field. Three fields will be added to the NBS form upon doing so.  
  • > Current Stock: This section indicates your current stock quantity. At the time of the first new barcode scan, the current stock quantity will be displayed as 0, and the number will then be entered on the sheet or the input / output value will be entered.  The new value will show accordingly when the form is submitted.
  • > Choose In Out: Use the drop-down menu to select the Check In or Out.
  • > Quantity: This form field is used for entering the quantity received or shipped.
Then, just click the [Complete and Save] button to complete the form.
In order to manage the I / O inventory, simply scan the barcode by pressing the Scan button on the NBS App main screen.
You will be able to clearly see that the form appears with the current stock in the I / O field set at zero.
Continue the process by entering the quantity received in the Quantity field, and then click Submit Changes to submit the form. You’ll see below that we have entered 10 items for this example.
By scanning the item again, you’ll see that the Current Stock is 10.
This time, assuming that the quantity of the item shipped 2 has occurred, you will select the drop-down menu Out, enter 2, and then submit the form.
When the barcode is rescanned, you’ll note that the current stock is changed from 10 to 8.
This content is recorded on the Google Sheets and has two-way sync in real time.
  • – This sheet for the form will always show the latest inventory information –
  • – You can see all the scan activities in the history tab. –
By utilizing the Stock field in NBS, you’ll be able to record and manage inventory status with ease. You can even conveniently use google sheet’s functions to work in conjunction with the NBS sheet. Now, it’s a breeze to manage your I / O quantity through NBS.