How to enable Google Meet for Gmail and G Suite users

As the number of employees, teachers, and students working remotely in response to the COVID-19 pandemic rises, Google is now offering Google Meet for free. Users can now continue to communicate and stay productive through personal Gmail or G Suite for free.
Here’s how to activate and use Google Meet:
1. Google Meet for G Suite Users
G Suite already offers Google Meet. However, the premium Google Meet is available to all G Suite customers until September 30th. Premium Google Meet has the following features and was only available in G Suite Enterprise.

Large meetings with up to 250 participants per call
Live streaming to up to 100,000 viewers in the domain
Ability to record meetings and save them to Google Drive

To activate Google Meet, your G Suite administrator must enable it for your domain.

1. Ensure that you have Google Meet enabled for your organization.
2. Enable advanced features such as live streaming and meeting recording for users to use when they need it.
Note: Conference capability with up to 250 participants per call is already included.

(Optional) Configure additional settings such as Hangouts meeting integration with third-party systems.
3. Educate users by sharing Hangouts meeting resources in the G Suite Learning Center.

If you need additional help managing your domain’s Hangouts meetings, see the G Suite Admin Help Center.

After that, users can use Google Meet as follows.

To learn how to use Hangouts meetings, such as creating meetings, joining meetings, and showing your screen to others, check out the training and help resources in the G Suite Learning Center. The following guides are available.

– Google Meet cheat sheet
Plan and hold meetings from anywhere
10 G Suite tips to work with remote teams
10 G Suite tips for great presentations
10 tips to work with people not on G Suite
– Delegate work when you’re out of office

The recordings are saved in the meeting organizer’s Google Drive and calendar events. In addition, the meeting organizer will receive an email with a link to the recording.

2. Google Meet for Gmail Users
As of May 7th, Google Meet is only available for participation, and features such as invitations have not yet been fully activated for Gmail users. It will be activated for all Gmail users in the near future, but you can apply here through Google site for application or wait until Google announce the full release.
For business use, you can proceed through G Suite subscription as described above. You can apply for personal use only. Fill out and submit the form as follows.
When Google Meet is activated in your Gmail account, you can invite up to 100 people to conduct a video conference without any time limit. For more information, please refer to this Google’s announcement.
Netkiller is a G Suite partner, providing services for signing up and using the service and also a provider of Google Meet Hardware solutions.