Google Apps gets better with Netkiller Shared Contacts

Netkiller, the Cloud IT integration company and Google Apps authorized reseller that brought you Google Apps for Business, announced today the release of Netkiller Shared Contacts. Integrating seamlessly with your Google account, Netkiller Shared Contacts gives you the power of Google Apps Shared Contacts but without the restrictions. Netkiller Shared Contacts allows you to share not just contacts within your domain, but all of your contacts. Most importantly, if you’re a Google Apps for Business user with Netkiller, it’s FREE.

Key Features of Netkiller Shared Contacts
· Share internal and/or external contacts
· Bulk upload of contacts
· Organize with shared contact groups
· One-click contact editing
· Sort shared contacts by name, email, or other contact field

How It Works
1. Your Google Apps Admin installs Netkiller Shared Contacts within your domain
2. All domain users access Netkiller Shared Contacts through Google’s universal navigation toolbar
3. Admins can add/edit/remove contacts they wish to be shared with all users
4. All users can access shared contacts when composing emails. Shared contacts are even enabled for auto-complete when addressing emails.

How To Get Netkiller Shared Contacts
Share contacts for FREE with Netkiller Shared Contacts if you currently are or become a Google Apps for Business user with Netkiller.

If you don’t use Google Apps for Business with Netkiller, you can still get Netkiller Shared Contacts at an annual price of only $4/user. If you use Google Apps for Education you can get Netkiller Shared Contacts for an annual price of only $1/user.

Download/Purchase Netkiller Shared Contacts Now

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