Chrome Enterprise Takes Business to the Next Level “Must Have” Service Available for Chrome Users

If you have Chromebooks or Chromebox hardware, you’ll be excited to know the Chrome Enterprise License brings a myriad of benefits your way.  While in the past, many business owners had reservations when they considered adopting Chrome OS devices for use in the office for a number of valid reasons.  Google has spent some time addressing all the areas of concern and has aced the challenge.  They made some improvements in the Chrome Enterprise Service that offers all that is needed in a plan…and then some.

Benefits of Using Chrome
Chrome users quickly find that their products and services are second to none.  Chrome offers ease of use, security, and ease of management.  Chromebooks and Chromebox are the ultimate for enterprise use.  Unlike Microsoft, there are no different Windows versions to worry with.  Chrome OS is the only version you’ll need.  You can use the same software universally.  There is a super light install so setting up a device or wiping it clean takes practically no time at all.
The only requirement to getting your account rolling is to set up a Gmail account and designate yourself as the administrator.  You can set your device to Hangout Meets and even lock it in.  You can access your Gmail, set up your Calendar, and do a multitude of things with Chromebooks and Chromebox.
You can also incorporate Chromebooks and/or Chromebox for the entire office to use.  You’ll find so many beneficial features, you’ll wonder how you and your company ever got along without it.

Why You Need Chrome Enterprise
Chrome Enterprise is far more than just a “good idea”.  It’s a “must have”.  Just like using a computer to run your business was once a “good idea” but somewhere along the way, it turned into a requirement.  It’s practically impossible to do business if you’re not online.
If you have Chromebooks, Chromebox, or Chrome OS, you will find that the innovative features of Chrome Enterprise License for Chrome OS business use has taken management to an all new level.  For a low fee per device, per year, this service elevates your business in such a way, it would be almost ridiculous for an upwardly mobile business with Chromebook and Chromebox not to take advantage of the convenient and secure service.

Benefits of Chrome Enterprise
Chrome Enterprise offers some amazing services that give your business the upper edge so you don’t waste time or take chances.  Some of the many reasons you need Chrome Enterprise are:

1. Chrome Enterprise provides secure and clear access across Legacy and Saas apps and mobile devices.  While other enterprise-based apps can be confusing, difficult to access, or don’t even exist, you’ll not have that problem with Chrome Enterprise.  You’ll find a world of apps await you and offer easy and efficient usage.  

2. You’ll save tons of time in mass deployment when using multiple Chrome devices.  Since time is money, it comes as a huge plus that Google has spent endless hours putting into place the features that will save your from the time and frustration of trying to collaborate. 

3. Chrome Enterprise provides over 200 policies for device management.  You will be amazed at all the innovative features you will be able to implement with your team. 

4. You’ll be able to implement flexible EMM and security identity options.  No more frustration trying to identify yourself.  The process has been simplified with the option of more enhanced security if desired though. 

5. Chrome Enterprise keeps you safe because it protects against malware, spyware, and other security threats.  Stealing your information is a lucrative business that has become very advanced.  Fortunately for you, Chrome Enterprise is even more advanced.  You’ll stay safe as will your sensitive information. 

6. Twenty-four/seven support is available to you at all times with Chrome Enterprise.  No matter how large or small your problem or question is, you’ll receive excellent and courteous customer service and help from a well-qualified technical assistant. 

7. You’ll have secure remote collaboration with your team members.  You can enjoy the convenience of remote access without the worry of security breaches.  Access from anywhere at any time. 

8. Chrome Enterprise offers a more efficient and less frustrating on-boarding process.  You will be able to get new employees up and running on their device in  no time.  It is easier than ever to set them up and get them enrolled into the management section and have them ready to begin working on their new device.

Features of Chrome Enterprise
One of the main highlights for Chrome Enterprise is it fully compatible with the infrastructure of any existing Microsoft Active Directory.  In addition, Google Cloud services and Internet Technician admins are able to access and manage in efficient, time saving manners.  Existing logins are able to be used, making this option even more convenient.

Sign Me Up!
If you are interested in taking advantage of the Chrome Enterprise services, why not just sign up, but sign up with bigger benefits?  Google partners, like Netkiller, are able to offer you the same low fee for service but give you additional benefits too.  There is no risk as the transaction is Google approved.  For more information, visit the Netkiller
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