7 Working from Home Cloud Solution to help battle Novel Coronavirus

Coronavirus is having a major impact on society as a whole. Many companies have already eliminated face-to-face meetings and started time lag work or online work at home.
Since Netkiller has been 100% cloud based since 2007, we would like to introduce the following solutions that we are implementing.  
1. Video Conferencing
Video conferencing is a representative non-face-to-face solution that allows you to meet remotely without visiting the company. Google Hangouts, for example, is convenient because it allows you to open a video conference via your Gmail account and meet up remotely, regardless of whether or not you use Gmail. Work or meetings with colleagues is easy with Hangouts. Dedicated Hangouts Meet Solutions for the meeting room let you see high-definition pictures and hear high-quality voice in medium to large meeting rooms. Hangouts and other chat messages are also useful because they can be searched on Google Gmail.
-Google Hangouts Meet Video Conferencing Solution-
2. Mobile Messaging
Work via mobile is also becoming commonplace. We are already communicating with colleagues and bosses through group chat such as KakaoTalk or Google Hangouts chat. In addition, mobile offices received more attention as they checked their work through email. For Hangouts chat, you can easily schedule Google Calendar through AI Chat Robot as well as just group chat.
3. Approval Workflow
Cloud solutions that remotely draft and approve documents are also mandatory for companies of all sizes. Using Google G-Suite based Approval Workflow Collavate platform, you can easily create and draft a written statement in Google documents and files for approval.
4. Free remote control
With Chrome Remote Desktop or Teamviewer, you can remotely access your computer or the other computer for remote support or work. This allows you to access and work remotely at home, even if you have important data on your office computer. It can also be useful for computer technical support or screen sharing.
5. Remote secured login
Depending on where you work – from home or on the road – accidents like account takeovers or hacking can be easier. The solution to this is secure login authentication, such as two-factor authentication. In particular, if your company uses multiple cloud solutions, you can configure your own security login page through a single sign-on solution such as Killer ID. Various security settings such as IP-based access control, access time specified during working hours, password expiry cycle can be established. Plus, FIDO security key as well as two-step authentication can be utilized to maintain the best security level.
6. Cloud Storage
Dropbox Business or Google Drive, an enterprise cloud storage system, lets you share files or upload them to designated folders. For example, if you have a large file that is difficult to attach via email, you can upload it to a designated Google Drive or upload important data to a Dropbox public folder.
7. Cloud Information Leakage Prevention (DLP) Solution
The use of privately owned IT devices, which cannot be installed by agents (because of telecommuting or remote work) increases the company’s risk of data loss. Cloud DLP solutions help you avoid leaking sensitive keywords from inside, according to your company’s policies, without expensive solution purchases. In the case of Netkiller DLP, all files on Google Drive can be detected in real time on all connected devices without any program installation, and unlimited changes can be recorded to cope with data loss or accidents.