16 Years as Google Workspace Managed Security Service Provider.

Netkiller has industry-leading knowledge and expertise in providing the highest level of Security and Data Protection for Google Workspace. Netkiller operates on an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified Information Security Management System (ISMS)

T. 408-560-0556 (CA) / 646-758-0100 (NY)

16 Years as Google Workspace Managed Security Service Provider.

Netkiller has industry-leading knowledge and expertise in providing the highest level of Security and Data Protection for Google Workspace.

Netkiller operates on an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified Information Security Management System (ISMS)

T. 408-560-0556 (CA)
T. 646-758-0100 (NY)

Netkiller has successfully provided Google Workspace Solutions to the following clients and continues to earn their trust for last 16 years.

Nekiller is the first Google Cloud partner in Korea and a top-tier Google Workspace Premier Partner, welcoming partnerships with our Google Workspace solutions. Enterprise companies such as Kakao Brain, SK Telecom, KT, Samsung SDS, LG CNS, Megazone, Hanjin Information Communication, NAVER Works, and the Microsoft Office365 research lab in Seattle have adopted Google Workspace through Nekiller.

We understand that many companies have been unable to transition their work environment to the cloud due to existing security regulations and issues with outdated computer systems. Moving to the cloud allows companies to establish top-notch security regardless of location, ensuring continuous progress into the future. Netkiller is committed to providing the best cloud solutions for our clients to ensure their business continues to succeed in a post-COVID society.

We create the best products that we can be proud of and take full responsibility to the end for their quality and service.

Google Workspace Configuration

Netkiller has held hundreds of customer cases with a wealth of experience in deploying Google Workspace across various industries since 2008. We assist in transitioning your work environment to a complete Google Workspace base with no disruptions. In particular, we support the integration of company groups and ensure compliance with relevant regulations and ISMS security guidelines specific to each industry, ensuring a smooth transition of your work environment.

Google Account-Integrated SSO

Netkiller's Google Workspace SSO (Single Sign-On) integrated login and security solution is designed to securely manage cloud logins granularly or collectively for all components of a corporation, including the head office, affiliates, and branches, through integration with the HR system. This solution enhances corporate security in the current work environment, where remote work is commonplace, by providing a customized login experience and security policies through IP filtering and location tracking of the user.

Data Migration

Netkiller develops customized cloud data security strategies tailored to the characteristics of each company. We smoothly facilitate the massive data migration from existing servers or storage systems to Google Drive in Google Workspace with our outstanding data migration technology. Additionally, we offer services such as data movement within Google Drive, backup, and segmentation to maximize the efficiency of data management.

Google Workspace Change Management

Netkiller provides systematic change management services to help client companies utilize Google Workspace organization-wide. To ensure employees can quickly adapt to the new work environment, various online and offline training programs are offered. Additionally, to expand the use of Google Workspace, long-term and short-term action plans are established for affiliates and partner companies, and step-by-step goals are set to build an effective change management strategy.

Automated User License Procurement

Manually creating, assigning, and deleting hundreds of employee accounts in the Google Workspace admin console is time-consuming and prone to security risks due to errors. Netkiller is equipped with its own SSO (Single Sign-On) platform and license management automation feature capable of automatically assigning and reclaiming user accounts for hundreds of thousands of users by domain, effectively solving these issues. This system can be fully automated through integration with HR systems and is interconnected with SSO integrated login features, ensuring efficient account management and security.


When adopting Google Workspace, Netkiller provides advanced privacy solutions to comply with strict privacy regulations such as South Korea's Personal Information Protection Act, ISMS security guidelines, and Europe's GDPR. This solution automatically identifies sensitive information related to personal privacy in various data types stored on Google Drive, such as documents, photos, and images, and enables classification and management of expiration settings accordingly. This allows companies to effectively respond to privacy laws not only domestically but also globally.

Email Security and Dual Configuration

Email is an essential communication tool in corporate operations. Smooth email communication between companies, affiliates, and partner companies, along with a strong security system, plays a key role in responding to cyber threats such as phishing incidents. Netkiller manages the security settings of the Google Workspace email system at the highest standards and supports email redundancy with existing legacy email systems, enabling users to send and receive emails using both the legacy system and Google Workspace. Additionally, by allowing departments to selectively set email sending and receiving routes, it effectively prevents external hackers' attempts to hijack emails through encryption and trusted reputation management during email transmission.

Gmail Management Oversight and Audit System

Netkiller provides a comprehensive system for auditing email communications across the entire company in Google Workspace's Gmail. Through this system, security managers can search for emails containing specific keywords across the company or review individual users' email settings (e.g., forwarding settings, signatures) in bulk without directly accessing Gmail accounts. Additionally, it offers the functionality to run regular secure deletion processes for email accounts handling sensitive information, thereby enhancing data protection.

User Login Records Analysis and Storage

The default settings of Google Workspace limit user login history to 3-6 months, failing to meet various domestic information protection regulations that require login history to be kept for 1 to 5 years. Netkiller overcomes these limitations and supports compliance by providing long-term storage and big data analysis capabilities for Google Workspace user login history. This allows for close monitoring of user activities and identification of suspicious access, offering a solution that strengthens both security and regulatory compliance.

Chrome Browser Distribution and Management

Netkiller supports Google Workspace administrators in efficiently deploying the latest or specific versions of the Chrome browser customized for all users within the organization. This service also provides comprehensive management capabilities for Chrome browser extensions. Administrators can review the installation status and security reputation of each extension, and set browser policies to restrict the installation of certain extensions or allow only approved extensions to be installed. This enables more secure and efficient management of the company's IT environment.

Multi-factor Authentication Login System

Netkiller is at the forefront of enhancing security through various authentication methods. It integrates two-factor or three-factor multifactor authentication systems into Google Workspace login procedures, tailored to the industry-specific needs of client companies. These systems include FIDO Keys, hardware-based password generators, SMS authentication, and fingerprint recognition. This especially offers an opportunity to significantly improve the overall security level of a company by upgrading from outdated login methods used in legacy systems to Google Workspace's modern and secure login mechanisms.

Cloud-based Personal Data Protection Law Compliance Solution

Netkiller offers privacy solutions designed to comply with strict personal information regulations, including South Korea's Personal Information Protection Act, ISMS security guidelines, and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These solutions service the detection of sensitive personal information and automatic grading and expiration period management for various data types such as documents, photos, and images that a company holds. This enables flexible compliance with both domestic and global privacy laws.

Mobile Device Policy Management (MDM)

Netkiller provides a variety of security solutions that allow client companies to access Google Workspace only from approved devices. Through these solutions, approved managed devices can be collectively managed via the Google Workspace admin console utilizing Mobile Device Management (MDM). This integrated approach significantly improves the efficiency of IT asset management, especially in large enterprise companies.

Universal App Portal

Netkiller provides a Universal App portal that allows Google Workspace users to manage app shortcuts at the organizational or individual user level. This portal supports users in setting custom icons, login paths, and includes functionality to integrate legacy system logins. This enables users to easily access their preferred app list with just one click, significantly improving efficiency and user experience.

User Data Transfer Tool

When deleting user accounts in Google Workspace, it's possible to transfer the ownership of files and documents owned by the departing user to another user in bulk. However, this process can result in the loss of the original user's activity logs and edit history, posing a significant issue for meeting information protection and compliance requirements. Consequently, many companies bear the cost burden of maintaining the accounts of former employees. Utilizing Netkiller's user metadata transfer tool, companies can safely delete user accounts while preserving activity and change histories, thereby reducing unnecessary license costs.

100% Automation in a Chromebook Environment

Netkiller has numerous successful case studies of various enterprise companies fully transitioning from traditional computer environments to Chromebook-based work environments. This transition has occurred across diverse sectors, including global warehouse discount stores, fashion brands, and technology companies, facilitated by Netkiller's support. Chromebooks are recognized for their outstanding security and are used in a wide range of applications, from government data protection agencies to bitcoin exchanges. Netkiller provides a variety of utilities and in-depth technical support experience to assist in transitioning to a Chromebook-based work environment.

Google Drive Approvals System

Developed by Netkiller, the globally recognized document approval platform “Collavate” enables the complete process of document drafting, approval, final approval, referencing, receiving, and setting deadlines for products, services, business plans, production, quality planning, management/admin, purchasing, HR, disclosure, and publication, as well as the creation, drafting, review, and approval of digital approval documents, all 100% within Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Workspace.

Firewall for Google Drive

Netkiller ISMS is a proven information security ISMS product that supports all editions of Google Workspace. Operating entirely on the cloud without the need for installing any PC agent, it prevents the leakage of crucial information stored on Google Drive to external sources.

Audit your Google Drive

Using Google Workspace allows companies to register and share their important documents and confidential files on Google Drive. At times, documents and files on Google Drive are made accessible via links to specific external accounts or to the public. Moreover, if the external sharing permissions are not checked and revoked in a timely manner for files intended to be shared for a limited period, they pose a security risk. The "Netkiller Google Drive Full Scan Service" provides a list of all documents and files within the domain, including their access paths and permission settings using the Netkiller ISMS solution.

Google Docs PDF Conversion Server

Netkiller's PDF Gateway / Conversion Platform offers high-quality PDF conversion for Google Docs. This platform integrates metadata, compliance with company policies, watermarks, headers/footers, and cover pages with custom forms into the converted PDF documents. In particular, it perfectly solves problems that may arise when converting Hangul and tables from Google Docs to PDF, making it a proven solution that successfully performs thousands of PDF conversions daily.

Google Drive Data Restoration

Netkiller's Google Drive Real-time Tracking and Revision Archiving System effectively supports the recovery of lost Google Drive data. This system has successfully recovered data from incidents of loss caused by Google Drive malfunctions or user errors, such as when the trash is emptied, including complex cases like the recovery of thousands of accounting data entries. This demonstrates the system's ability to precisely track errors in Google Drive and accurately restore the affected data.

Customer Stories

Witness What Uncompromising Security Means

FILA is a long time Netkiller client. As a global brand, they employ KillerID, and Netkiller ISMS to ensure their data stays private, and Single Sign On for their internal and Google Workspace Service.​

Kakao, the creators of KakaoTalk, utilize Netkiller for their Google Workspace, as well as our Netkiller ISMS solution for Google Drive Security.

Hanmi Pharmaceutical uses KillerID SSO to ensure their accounts are secure on Google Workspace with auto-licensing of Google Workspace and Netkiller ISMS solution for Google Drive Unlimited Revisions and Security.

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